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About us

Carbon Dynamics is a company specialized in the production of diamonds using the CVD procedure (chemical vapor deposition).

Founded in 2018, we have the most refined equipment in the world and in our team we list internationally known researchers.

We are passionate about diamonds and we love them, both natural and laboratory made. With dedication and innovation, we offer you the possibility of entering in the new era of laboratory grown diamonds.

All the diamonds made by our company are certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute) in Antwerp and are laser engraved. We provide a certificate that states that our diamonds are made in the European Union and polished in Antwerp, using electricity generated by renewable sources, having so a negligible carbon footprint.


Diamond is truly amazing!  Because of the unique chemical proprieties of carbon, diamond is the hardest, the most transparent and the most atomically dens known material. It has the highest thermal conductivity and the lowest thermal expansion coefficient, it is resistant to all acids and it can be an exceptional semiconductor and finally it has the highest sound speed propagation.

Our vision is to exploit all those properties with accessible industrial processes.


Our mission is to produce and polish, in Europe, laboratory diamonds of the best quality with the lowest impact on the environment and to offer to the industry and the research world, monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamonds.

Why Romania

Romania has staff with high technical qualification, it is a receptive country to new technology, has easy access to renewable energy and is the country in Eastern Europe with the oldest tradition in the fabrication of diamonds.