Our diamonds are made 100% in the EU and are polished in Antwerp, while 93% of all diamonds are polished in India to reduce costs.

The diamonds we make have an extremely low impact on the environment and have a minimal carbon dioxide footprint because we only use energy obtained by certified renewable resources.

All our laboratory grown diamonds have an international IGI (International Gemological Institute) certificate and have a laser engraved identification number and of course, they are price sensitive, practically for the same amount of money you can by a laboratory diamond that is twice the weight of a natural one.

No two natural diamonds are alike, but this is also true for laboratory diamonds.

Finally, today’s science and technology give the customer the opportunity to make a choice. Natural diamond will continue to exist for those who love tradition and are willing to spend large sums, while the same stone, the same chemical composition, brilliance, hardness and the same fascination can be offered by laboratory grown diamond for a more attractive price and with a much smaller impact on the environment. Remind that this “stardust”, these carbon atoms that created the diamond in the laboratory are the same age as the atoms that 1 billion years ago crystallized in the mantle of the Earth and gave birth to the natural diamond. 

Laboratory diamonds are a dream come true.